Vision, message, values and objectives


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Vision, message, values and objectives


Establishing educational and scholar leadership to build distinct knowledgeable and educational society capable of competitive quality


Preparing graduate students qualifying in research, educational and vocational fields to contribute to the community service and interaction with the scientific, scholar and technological developments by providing advanced and high-quality educational and training programs.



Skills, fitness, competence, objectivity, ongoing assessment, transparency, cooperation, initiative, proactive, authenticity, statecraft.



1-Providing an educational environment with high quality technologies 

2-Preparing and training students educationally and scholarly in all programs

3- Supporting communication with employers for college graduate  

4- Developing the training field programs in accordance with the standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation.

5-Providing training and advisory programs ,and research initiatives to develop and improve the society.

6- Achieving the partnership with local and regional institutions to serve the community.

7-Updating the College programs in the light of global trends and local needs to achieve the requirements of the labor market.