Vice Dean Of Education College Tasks


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Vice Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs

He is a faculty member who is  in the  charge of overseeing the functioning of the administrative and financial operation of the college, and the implementation of policies and programs to serve educational process and help to  achieve their set goals


Vice Dean Of Education College Tasks

Management of research and administrative affairs of the college-

         Supervision  the college Financial Affairs  and programs in accordance with regulations-

        Supervision  the work of the laboratories, equipment and services-

         Overseeing the conduct of the final tests and the formation of committees in coordination with academic departments-

         Recommendation to renew or terminate non-Saudi decades of faculty members based on job performance-based evaluation reports from the heads of academic departments and lifting it to the dean of --- the college

         Preparation the reports of job performance evaluation of employees administrators-

      Supervising the work of the college library employees-