Vice Dean for Administrative and Financial Affair


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In the name of Allah most Compassionate most Merciful

Praise due to Allah and  peace be upon His Messenger, his family, his Companions, and those who follow him

College vision , mission and objectives focus on quality in the educational process and administrative work through the development of plans , programs , academic training and administrative tasks in accordance with the overall quality of the academic and administrative standards .Therefore. developing in education and focusing on the quality rather than the quantity need  to develop programs concerning with new trends in curriculum and  teaching methods to achieve t its rightful position as a n educational college concerns with building the knowledge, experience and skills of the community at the local, regional and global level. ,and to create an academic environment characterized with continuous development. Education College  is seeking to achieve its mission emanating from the King Khalid University message to prepare qualified  instructors   through the bachelor's programs based on theoretical  frameworks and practical skill designed to produce   high quality outcomes  according to the national Commission for quality and accreditation and professional competencies. Also, it aims to serve the local community and various institutions by offering various training programs and diplomas over the university depending on the requirements of the renewable labor market and modern educational trends  to promote the concept of "community Knowledge"

Vice Dean of Education College:

Dr. Abeer Al medawi

Professor of Management and Educational Planning Assistant

College of Education - King Khalid University, Abha