College Council Tasks :


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College Council Tasks :

-Encouraging the preparation of scientific research in college and work on publishing them

 -Proposing the recruitment of faculty members.

       Proposing or modifying study plans with coordination between departments-

       -Proposing curricula, textbooks and references

-Proposing the due dates of exams and setting up the regulations for conducting them.

       -Proposing the internal regulations and rules for the college in accordance with KKU regulations and rules

    . Faculty -Proposing the necessary training plans for the

       Proposing a plan for the curricular activity of the college.-

      -Consider the opinions and decisions of College dean, university council, vice president, and university agents in any issue related to college affairs.

      -Establishing the strategic plan of the college in accordance with the strategic plan of the university

      -Recommending the establishment of a strategy for scientific research in the college in accordance with the university research plan

-Supervising the application of quality and academic accreditation standards in the college

      -Setting up the admission and conversion conditions from and to the College in coordination with the Admission and Registration Deanship

    -Approval of the formation of committees among its members.