Administrative Manager


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Administrative Manager :

She is supervising the administrative and financial affairs of the college.

Administrative Manager Tasks :

1-Supervising the application of the regulations of administrative and financial affairs

        2-Reporting employees joining  and dropping out of work

        3-Supervising  the implementation  of the administrative units orders

        4-Overseeing the proper functioning and development of management

        5-Providing insurance of college purchases especially for urgent requirements

        6-Supervising the contractors' business in college with regard to passports accommodations, visas and tickets

7-Supervising  the college facilities and developing follow-up plans for maintenance and cleanliness

 8-Organizing regular leaves for college administrators , technicians and workers

9-Contracting with competent companies to repair emergency breakdowns that occur in college.

10-Supervising  the work distribution within college departments  and assigning some halls for scientific conferences

Employees attendance and absence   Supervising 11-      

12-Preparing college classes and following up its maintenance .

13-Providing the college dean with annual and periodic reports about the management work

14- Implementation the dean's commands and orders