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“In the name of Allah most Compassionate and most Merciful”

Praise due to Allah and peace be upon His Messenger, his family, his Companions,

and those who follow him……

King Khalid University was established to be a light stand of knowledge to create distinctive notables. Since its establishment, it has provided the society with graduates contributed in its growth. In successive and sequential steps organizers of the university sought to develop it academically within the higher education system. As a result, the balance between appearance and essence was achieved.

King Khalid University believes that the student is the most important element of the educational process. Therefore, it has spared no effort to push demands for excellence and professionalism to build a generation carries on its shoulder the future of the nation. Its main aim is building a society in which professors, administrators, and students consider as a lovely family built its relationship on respect and friendliness .

The university also keen to provide appropriate academic environment for students to motivate them to be innovative and distinctive educators obsessing with the seeking the knowledge.

Thanks be to God for the existence of such educational system, and thanks to the university administration for its commitment to lead all of its the employees either the students or faculty members towards excellence.

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Nora Yahya Alfaifi

King Khald University ,College of Education