Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Tasks


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About the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

She is a faculty member who is in charge of overseeing the functioning of the educational process of the students during their academic study and applying the policies and programs in accordance with regulation of student affairs and educational services in order achieve College set goals

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Tasks :

  1. Supervising the implementation of undergraduate studies and tests regulations and rules

  2. Supervising subordinate units for Academic Affairs.

  3. Supervising  the preparation of students academic schedule in cooperation with the deanship of admission and registration and committee of academic schedules

  4. Supervising the distribution of the students in the various departments of the college in coordination with those departments.

  5. Supervising the application process of acceptance and conversion from and to college or within academic departments.

  6. Supervising the work of student affairs committees and student extracurricular activities committee

  7. Supervising the equation curriculum process.

  8. Supervising the postponement and apology demands from the study, as well as deletions and additions in accordance with regulations and decisions issued in this regard.

  9. Supervising the preparation of deprivation and graduation lists .

  10. Overseeing the activities of the college orientation week

  11. Providing guidance and counseling for students and resolving their issues related to academic achievement.