Vice Dean of Development and Quality Tasks


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About the Vice Dean of Development and Quality :

She is a faculty member who is in charge of overseeing the development and quality process, achieving academic accreditation and assessment standards, adjusting the administrative work quality within the college, working to improve college performance and spreading the importance rule of  quality in all college aspects. Moreover, she is linked to the college dean .Also, she is a member of the Council Faculty


 Vice Dean of Development and Quality Tasks :

1-Spreading the vital rule of quality among faculty members  and students

2-Implemention the quality orders and rules in all college aspects

          3-Supervising the plans of  the evaluation and accreditation of academic program

          4-Preparation and implementation of College strategic plans

5- Supervising the work of  e-learning unit

6-Studying the difficulties and problems  that are faced by quality unit and trying to find solutions for these obstacles .

7- Identifying  the training needs for faculty members in academic departments in  accordance with the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality in order to meet their needs .

8-Encouraging  the faculty members  to attend training programs, workshops and conferences that are provided by the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality.

9-Preparing a plan to improve faculty and students skills.

10- Supervising the use of technology , e-learning and multimedia  either in distance learning or within the college

11- Providing the dean of the college with periodic reports about the unit development