Administrative Communications


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Administrative Communications :

It is specialized in receiving the mails,transactions and circulars received to the college, recording them and directing them to the different departments and units of the college, exporting the transactions issued by the departments of the college and its different units ,and directing them to the outside parties. As well as responding to the auditors' query on transactions, and administratively it linked to the college administration manager.

Administrative Communications Tasks :

-Receiving, issuing, transmitting and documenting the information of the Dean's Office

        -Handling and presenting the  internal transactions  to the College Dean

        -Implementation the Dean's order  to transfer transactions to the internal units and departments in the College

        -Sorting the incoming transactions of the office and presenting them to the office supervisor or the general manager according to the nature of the work

   Responding to reviewers  inquiries -

        -Preparing the transaction statements and data

        -Archiving and saving all issued and received  transactions, letters and circulars to the College