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Posting Student Committee at the College of Education for Girls in Abha

 The Committee’s name: Student Committee at the College of Education for Girls in Abha *

 The Committee *

* Dean of the college (Chair)

* Vice Dean for Academic Affairs (Member & Vice-Chairperson)

* Membership of students that no less than four students and a maximum of ten represent all sections. Selection criteria of students based on cumulative grade point average and good reputation, and contribute effectively to serve the University and its students and the community.

3. The Chairperson of Committee (Dean) can invite any person in the meeting if that is important * 

4. The Committee discusses students’ issues submitted by the student to the dean of the college and present to the council which is not inconsistent with the regulations and applicable in the university systems  * 

5. The minutes of each meeting, including the topics discussed and took appropriate recommendation   * 

6. Dean take appropriate action against the Commission's recommendations in the framework of its powers and otherwise presented to the College Boar    * 

7. The Committee will hold two meetings each semester and will be held in the presence of a regular two-thirds   *