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Under the patronage  of his excellency the director  of the university  professor fallah  raga  elsalmy the fourth  cultural olympiad  for racing creators  ceremony was held in the faculty of science stage in Abha.Deans and stuff members  attend the ceremony. Vice dean of student affairs Dr Hanan elkady crowned the winners in the fourth cultural olympiad. After that winning college  were honoured. Education college  (The females students  sector)came in the first  place and got the golden shield. After  that the names of the winners  were announced. The student Amal Sultan Elkrfy won the first place in KORAN. IN the field of prophetic biography  student Nagla  abdallah win the first place and student Rinad win the third place In  Sunna, student Fawzia Yahya Ali  won  the first place,    student Rawan Yahya Munif won the second place, and student Nof Mohsen Salim  won the third place. In the cultural competitio student Ghida Mohammed Al Sultan, student  Asrar  Al-Mezher, student Shatha Abdul Rahman Al Diab and student Bara'a Maeed  won the second place In the Nabataeans poetry, student Munira Awn Al-Henna won the first place and  student Fatima Ayed Al-Ahmari   won the second place. In the poetry, student Noura Mohammed Ali  won the first place , while the student  Haneen Abdullah Al Shahrani won the third place. In the fine art, student Reham Mohammed Omari won the first place . In the cartoon drawing, student Nahed Ahmed won the third place. In the short story,  student Alaa Salem won the third place. In the field of poetic poetry,  student Mishael Youssef won the second place.  In the field of poetry reading, student Sajee Suleiman Asiri won the third place.  Finally in the field of photography,  student Taghreed Mohammed Al-Jabri won the second place.
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