Dean of the Girls Education College Tasks:

About Dean of the Faculty of Girls Education College:

She is a member of the teaching faculty, which holds the management of scientific, administrative and financial affairs of the College. Moreover, she provides the president of KUU with college educational affairs and activated activities as annually reports. Besides that, she is considered as a member of the University Council.


Dean of the Girls Education College Tasks: 

Dominating College Council, supervising the organization of its affairs , implementing  its decisions ,and sending its reports and record to the president of King Khalid University

Applying the regulations and rules of Higher Education Council.

Achieving the potential goals and policies of King Khalid University.

Applaying the University Council decisions.

Supervising the strategic plan of the college and following up its implementation.

Overseeing the management of College educational, research, administrative, financial, and cultural affairs.

SeeKing the development of administrative, academic and research affairs.

Maintaining friendly relationship inside and outside the college.

Providing the college with educational, research, administrative, and financial requirements.

 Assessing the performance of attorneys, heads of academic departments, managers, and heads of subordinate units.

 Maintaining the college property.

Organizing the Advisory Councils missions and implementing its recommendations.

 Developing college financial resources

Planning and supervising college budget

Designing the necessary college committees to serve the college missions

Reporting disciplinary issues concerning with both the faculty members and students in accordance with the college rules and regulations.

Issuning the instructions authorized by the college council

Representing the college either inside or outside the campus.

Performing the president of King Khalid University commands.

Supervising the learning and teaching procedure, performing its plans, and developing its academic programs.

Applying the rules and regulations of academic evaluation and accreditatio

 Supervising various student activities at the college

Monitoring exams context and forcing disciplines and orders within the college.

Encouraging research in various disciplines of the college.

Establishing academic relationships with educational institutions within and outside the Kingdom.

 Recruiting Faculty for teaching at college.

Monitoring the academic programs and plans.